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The Basics of Board & Care Homes

Board & Care Homes are designed for seniors who have difficulty living at home, but do not need 24-hour nursing care. In California, assisted living facilities that serve people age 60 or older are licensed as Residential Care Facilities for the Elderly (RCFE). 

Board & Care Homes are not an institutional setting and residents enjoy doing many of the same things they did when they lived on their own. It can provide people who need assistance with activities of daily living the additional care and support to enjoy an active, engaged, and fulfilling quality of life.

Activities of daily living include:


Incontinence Management






Board & Care Homes can also help with instrumental activities of daily living, such as:



Meal Preparation

Medication Management



Searching for a Board & Care Home is not easy,

particularly considering the emotions involved and the limited time typically available. Unfortunately, no scientific formula exists to determine the “best” facility for any person, which is why you should contact Second Home, by calling (877) 263-2272 ,  to help you decide which place can provide the care your loved ones needs now and in the future.

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