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How We Help You

Simplifying the Search for Senior Housing

Searching for senior housing is a daunting and exhaustive process. Especially when there are THOUSANDS of options in Los Angeles & Orange county. Here's how Second Home makes it easier:


Save You Time

We handle all the legwork for you, searching out the homes that best meet your needs and budget.


Save You Money

We have pricing on thousands of homes and access to information about rates that the average consumer doesn't have.



We educate you on regulations, pricing, tours, housing options, and what to expect during the entire process.


Peace of Mind

We provide you the State reports of each home that we recommend so that you can evaluate them for yourself.


Address Your Needs

We know homes that allow pets, have kitchenettes, pools, specific religions, languages, and homes that work with overweight individuals.


Finding Available Homes

We give you access to homes you might otherwise miss seeing because we know the owners and know their homes.


Insiders Perspective

After assisting hundreds of families and visiting hundreds of homes we can explain how these homes are run and what questions to ask.

How We Work With You

A Free Personalized Service from Start to Finish


1. Phone Consultation

In order to best guide you and your family, it is important that we understand your loved one's medical, financial, and geographical needs.


2. Home Options Review

You will be provided with a report that will be tailored to your needs, which saves you the hassle of trying to find the right home to evaluate.


3. Home Tours

We will schedule on-site visits for you, provide tour tips, and resources to keep you organized.


4. Home Selection

Once you choose an appropriate home, we
will act as your liaison for a smooth transition.


5. Make a Difference

After your loved one moves-in,
we will donate $100 to one of our local non-profit partners.  

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In order for us to be most helpful to you, we need to learn more about your loved one and their current care needs. It's our job to make this transition as smooth as possible!

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