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Where Second Home Started

We know what you're going through. 

We know the stress. We understand the anxiety. We have felt the uncertainty of making such an important decision for a loved one.

As a family, we started Second Home in 2013 to hold the hands of families who have to go through the difficult process of searching for senior housing.

What We Went Through

No one prepared us for what to expect when the time came to find a home for my grandmother.

We were asking ourselves,

"Where do we begin?"

"How do we find these homes?" 

"How are these homes regulated?"

Our first instinct was to go on the internet and see what we could find. What could go wrong? 

Well, we found what I now call the "senior housing maze."

This maze is filled with numerous websites that claim to help you find a place. Numerous websites that provide listings. Numerous websites that provide "reviews." Numerous websites that just wanted to know your location and budget. 

That wasn't good enough for our family.

How We Decided to Help Others

We spent countless hours and stress trying to navigate ourselves through this maze and realized that there had to be a better way. 

A personalized way. A way that connected with families to understand their story. A way to educate and prepare families to make a confident decision regarding their loved one. 

Our job is to work for you. To alleviate your stress, save you time, and  give you clarity through a time in your life that can be very overwhelming. 

We look forward to hearing from you, 

The Acuna family

Our Family Team

Mike Acuna
Founder, Senior Housing Consultant

Justin Acuna

Co-Founder, Senior Housing Consultant

Maria Cantu-Acuna, R.N.

Co-Founder, Mentor
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